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Tower Ridge Homes is a luxury custom home builder in the Niagara area.  With extensive experience and attention to every detail, Tower Ridge Homes is committed to exceeding your expectations.  Our team ensures that our builds get all the time and attention they deserve by managing the construction process from start to finish.  It’s all in the details!

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    We Do For You

    Tower Ridge Homes + Technology
    = Transparent Build Process

    At TRM, we believe in involving the customer in the planning and implementation process every step of the way. Your builder and their design team’s expertise as well as easy to use technology does all the work so that the customer can see their dream home come to fruition not only in person but at their fingertips.

    Our construction collaboration app provides 24/7 client portal access to project needs. Update schedules, share photos from any device, anywhere. Prices adjusted as we move through the build with expense and selection approvals for the client in real time.

    Custom Homes

    Custom Homes

    Tower Ridge Homes are built with styles, finishes, selections and products that are available on the market. TRM can build you a home that fits your needs, family and lifestyle. Building your dream home requires skill and craftsmanship. It requires attention to detail and pride in the finished product.



    Renovating a new home, bathroom, kitchen or just about any area can sometimes make all the difference. Planning, Design & Final Implementation is key to a successful renovation. At Tower Ridge Homes we put as much care into renovating your current home as we do in building a new one. The final product “must” look like it was designed that way from the beginning.



    The Client has complete control from start to finish. We act our your General Contractor; Our job is simply to deliver your dream.

    We will prepare a detailed list of the costs from start to finish before the construction process even begins. You can be confident that you are getting the products that YOU really want and that we are passing our preferred contractor prices to you. You sign off on every single supplier, tradesperson and product that enters your home.

    The TRH Process

    Phase 1 - Initial Consultation

    • Outline objectives and visions for design including detail features, heated floors, open concept, 10 ft ceilings etc.
    • Discuss build, expectations, timelines
    • Answer initial customer questions

    Phase 2 - Budget & Design Plans

    • Determine budget based on wants and needs so that our team can come up with design and finishing details for the home.

    Phase 3 - Sign Agreements

    • Client will review an finalize the contract which will outline the scope of the work, allowances, payment schedule, Warranty etc.

    Phase 4 - Architectural Drawings

    • Once concept is approved, the architect and structural engineer will create a set of drawings for city approval
    • Final Grades and HVAC layout will follow

    Phase 5 - Construction

    • Site meeting with clients to discuss overall construction schedule and to provide a plan moving forward

    • Constant communication with our construction collaboration software where clients can view progress, budgets, pictures and information about the entire build

    • Site visits from Building Inspectors throughout the build

    Phase 6 - Final Inspection

    • A walk through of the house with the clients to identify anything that may need touch-ups
    • Final Review of warranty and inclusions and sign-offs
    • Client Package; drawing, documents, payment receipts, and owner manuals given to the client